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Download All Androidhive source codes without subscribing

I have found a silly mistake(or not) by Ravi Tamada on his site. Which allows us to download all the source codes from his site without subscribing(which isn’t working for me for some reason). Just use and login !

For the impatient you can get all the files upto now from mega!c8dwxbhD!bgZinJZnq9NxZwxpY-tlZg

File List

Android Actionbar
Android Creating REST API
Android File Upload with Progress Bar
Android Group Chat App using Sockets
Android Paypal
Android Video Streaming
Android Alert Dialog
Android Animations Using XML
Android Building Music Player
Android Camera API
Android Combining Tab Layout and Listview
Android Connecting to php mysql
Android Dashboard Design
Android Detect Internet Connection
Android Developing Flashlight Application
Android Download File By ProgressBar
Android External Fonts
Android Faceboook Connect
Android Gooogle Cloud Messaging
Android Google Maps
Android GPS Tracking
Android Grid Layout
Android HTTP Requests
Android JSON Parsing
Android Layouts
Android Listview
Android Listview with Load More Button
Android ListView With Search
Android Load Imagee From URL
Android Login And Registration v2
Android Login And Registration Screen Design
Android Menus
Android RssReader Application
Android Sms Verification
Android Spinner Example
Android Spinner From SQLite
Android Spinner MySQL
Android Splash Screen
Android SQLite Tutorial
Android Swipe To Refresh List View
Android Switch Views
Android Tab Layout
Android Text To Speech
Android Twitter Connect
Android XML Parsing
Androind Awesome wallpapers
Android Card Scroll View
Android Customized List View
Android Custom List View Volley
Android Expandable List view
Android Floating Action Button
Android Facebook Like Feed View
Android Floating Labels
Android Full Screen Image Slider
Android Google+ Login
Android GlassMenu
Android Google Analytics
Android Google Maps v2
Android Google Places And Maps
Android Hello Glass
Androind Location API
Android Material Design
Android Material Tabs
Android Multi Language App
Android Parse Notifications
Android Sessions Using Shared Preferences
Android Sliding Menu
Android Snackbar
Android Speech To Text
Android SQLite Multiple Tables
Android Tabs With Swiper Gesture
Android Volley Json Parsing
Android Volley Examples
Android Youtube Player

Happy coding.

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